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~SOUTHERN FAVORITES~ Taste of Louisiana

~~ALWAYS REMEMBER~~ It's not just coffee - It's an adventure!


WHAT IS AN AEROPRESS? Why is it considered the "perfect cup of coffee" maker?

The AeroPress is a simple gadget that was invented about 15 years ago by an engineer, physicist, and Stanford lecturer named Alan Adler.  He was impatient with the difficulty of making just one good cup of coffee in a drip coffee maker, and also with the time it took to do a pour over, which takes about 4 minutes. He tinkered around and came up with a distinctly non-sexy tool that quickly pressed hot water through the coffee.

This plastic gadget surprised Adler with its ease, but also with the taste of the coffee. He developed a fine paper filter that gave a very clean cup of coffee, without bitterness or the sludge that ends up at the bottom of French press coffee. He started producing the kit commercially and it became a cult success among coffee lovers. He initially marketed it as an espresso maker, but fortunately he dropped that, as it really produces strong, concentrated coffee — not true espresso.

The AeroPress has a lot of advantages....Here are the top reasons the AeroPress Is  Greatest Way to Make Coffee....

First of all, it’s much less fussy than other ways of brewing coffee. Unlike the French press, you don’t need a burr grinder, and unlike pour over, no special technique is necessary. Just pour and push.

It’s also inexpensive; a full set of AeroPress gear, including a year’s supply of filters, retails for about $40.

The AeroPress is light and durable. With no glass to crack, it’s a good option for travel.

It’s very fast. No steeping or long pouring. I can make a cup of coffee in about 60 seconds once the water is hot.

The AeroPress produces a fantastic cup of coffee with clear, clean flavors.

If you’re interested in really tasting interesting coffees and the differences between different roasts and beans, the AeroPress lets flavors come through distinct and crisp.

Last but not least the cleanup is so easy. Unlike the French press, where you have to scoop out all those grounds, the AeroPress cap comes off and you simply press out the puck of compressed grounds into the compost or trash. Give the whole thing a rinse and you’re done.

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When your a dog trainer, you need an insane amount of energy! This is my go to! Thanks DA Anderson 

Angela Powers - Powerhouse K9 (8-23-20)

This is by far the best coffee I've ever had. If you're a coffee drinker, I highly recommend you try some of their many blends of coffee.

Rick Lee (5-28-20)

DA Anderson ... people who take notes ... tried our first batch of coffee this morning, Old Bistineau, and it was fabulous! Highly recommend and can’t wait to try the others!

Rene McDonald (4-11-20)

What kind of friend are you?

I thought we were friends...Friends don't sell their coffee to friends knowing they don't have an AeroPress. OMG! OMG! It totally changed my coffee experience! I thought the French Press was the greatest invention in coffee but the AeroPress is a game changer! My coffee tastes totally different now. I can get the subtle notes, it doesn't all taste "mostly alike" anymore!  You've been holding out on me! What other tricks do you have up your sleeve?

Gary Wrobel - Gnome Hollow Candle and Soap Company (9-13-20)

Theresa Whitby ~ Facebook

DA Anderson It did not disappoint! I'm not good at describing coffee nuances like a wine sommelier, but this blend is very much my ideal cup of coffee. What a respite from my 2 1/2 years with only grocery store coffee, since I'm in a coffee desert, lol! 01/04/2021

Theresa Whitby

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