Our Guarantee

Pledge to our customers:

We are so confident in the quality of our coffee and our service that you are guaranteed to be delighted with your purchase or we will replace or refund your purchase price no questions asked. That is a pledge you can trust.

Rest assured, you are safe with every purchase

Let's face it, there is something that does not sit well with most, if not all, of us about buying a more costly coffee and being terribly disappointed with it and worse yet being stuck with it. I cannot tell you the coffee we have purchased and after receiving it were just not happy with it to find out that basically that was money down the drain.

That is not the case with your purchase here at Special Reserve Coffee. You can be assured that you are safe with your purchase. We cup and taste each coffee at every step of the process to insure consistent delicious cup quality and we are relentless in pursuit of the top coffees for our customers.

The guarantee details....simple

Every Purchase (less shipping or post) is guaranteed 100% to meet your expectations or you can request another coffee to replace it free of charge or receive a refund by simply returning the coffee in its original packaging. Let us know what you think and if there is ever any problem drop a quick line and I assure a quick response.