Intensity Blend

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Flavor of brown sugar come through, along with roasted almond and golden raisin as the temperature cools. It is a surprisingly pleasant balance between raw sugar sweetness and cocoa powder bittering.

As espresso, the shots show high levels of dark sugar sweetness and cocoa roast tones up front, peaking with a tart, lemon-citrus high tone.

The mouthfeel is extremely dense, viscous, and like syrupy-chocolate. Nut and cocoa tones round out the finish well, intermixed with faint raisin and dry fruit hints.

This is a really versatile and unique coffee. A true coffee lover's coffee. 

For every bag of this Free and Fair Trade specialty coffee sold we will donate $1.50 to The Warrior Dog Foundation a wonderful cause. You get some great fresh roasted coffee and help the retired and wounded warrior dogs in the process it is a win win deal.