Exciting New "Working Mans" Blend

Exciting New "Working Mans" Blend

Jan 09, 2019Donna Anderson

This is my salute to the working folks out in the ole "patch" as it is known in the oilfield service industry. These are the people that bring us our energy in the form of oil and gas,  it's a tough business that requires a lot of hard, long working hours which in turn requires a serious coffee! 

An awesome blend of Columbian regional coffee roasted to a very nice medium roast that really highlights the complexity and depth in flavor that is a fine Columbian coffee. Hints of freshly dried raisins, cocoa and herbs with a rich deep aroma plus that ever important natural boost of energy we like from a good cup of joe. 

Don't let the working man's lower price fool you! This is a seriously good coffee.

Find in the store now at $9.99 a bag!!

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