Good Coffee Grinder...... CHECK!

Good Coffee Grinder...... CHECK!

Jan 09, 2019Donna Anderson

As coffee roasters we want each of our customers to appreciate the coffee at it's peak of flavor and aroma. The best way to assure that happens is to encourage our customers to invest in a good quality coffee grinder one that will last for years and be problem free lending to a pleasing coffee making experience.

Freshly roasted coffee is best enjoyed if it is ground right before brewing. Grinding just before brewing allows all of the fresh volatile oils in the coffee to find their way into the cup rather than being lost to oxidation from being exposed when pre ground. 

There are an ever increasing number of coffee grinders available from cheapo import hand grinders to high dollar cafe quality very expensive machines but our favorite all purpose grinder for years has been the Baratza Encore. It is a great conical burr grinder that is built like a tank and gives a nice consistent grind from very fine to quite rough french press grind. 

I prefer to buy direct from Baratza. They are well known for their customer service and support. You can see the Baratza Encore over at their site. We are not affiliated with them other than we use their grinders and have had good service with them. A little hint they don't really talk about is their refurbs they have available that will give you a good solid grinder for even more savings. Go check their site for the refurbs.

A few of our favorite settings based on the marks on the adjustment collar to get you started with the Encore. 

French Press- 30 

Pour Over/ Drip-17 

Espresso with pressurized porta filter-9

You will want to use these settings to get a starting off point and then adjust to your particular taste. Now jump over and grab a bag of our freshly roasted beans here and have them ready for your new grinder. Got any questions about the Encore? Want to share some of your favorite settings? Drop us a line here



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