Espresso that magical elixir.. but what is it exactly?

Espresso that magical elixir.. but what is it exactly?

Dec 19, 2018Donna Anderson

There is just nothing quite like an espresso that has been properly prepared using freshly roasted quality specialty coffee. Whether it is a cappucino or latte or long black or whatever your fav it is always unlike any other beverage and there seems to be a never ending state of confusion among us coffee heads about what an espresso actually is. Is it a certain kind of coffee? A special syrup or flavor additive? A particular roast of the coffee? Actually it is none of the above.

Surprisingly to many of us any coffee can be an "espresso". Of course some are better, for certain tastes, than others but any coffee you choose can be prepared through a machine that extracts the oils, under pressure, and other ingredients in the roasted coffee that creates a deep rich concentration of the coffee. That concentrated coffee is then enjoyed as it is straight up or reduced with milk or hot water. The complexity of flavor in the coffee is more apparent as is the aroma and mouth feel as opposed to preparing the coffee in a typical brewing manner. Here at the roastery we drink ,almost exclusively, espresso in various drinks and we rather consider ourselves espresso junkies vs coffee snobs. If you have not explored the world of espresso (and it is a big one) I would encourage you give it a try. We offer some great coffee's here that are roasted and blended especially for espresso. A great place to start is with the El Toro blend here . We try to notate on each coffee if it is good for espresso. The natural Ethiopians and Bali are delicious when pulled in espresso shots. 

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