Special Reserve Coffee

VooDoo Brew ~ Rwanda

Grind Options

This Rwanda, displays a sweet scent of brown sugar and toffee at a light roast level, mild baking spices coming through from underneath when it's ground. The wet aroma is marked by chai spice accent notes and brooding cream caramel smells. The cup at light roast level has a mix of clean raw brown sugar flavors, complex baking spice notes, berries and dried fruit accents. This flavor matrix touches on aspects of dark dried fruits like raisins rolled in clove powder, Mission fig, and prune, along with a candied orange peel note offering sharp contrast. The cup at medium roast level has dark cacao/chocolate flavors and ribbon of caramelized brown sugared berries. With it's medium body and medium acidity it makes this natural processed Rwanda, an anytime cup of coffee, sure to bring you to your happy place! Enjoy!