Peru Huabal Perlamayo

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Raw sugar sweetness, hazelnut and walnut accents, along with dried apple and peach tea. Bittersweet the darker I roast it, and fruited hints hold up to roast development. 


The dry fragrance displays a clean malted sweetness and hint of black walnut. A walnut smell comes through in the wet aroma too, like walnuts candied with brown sugar and cinnamon. At light roast the coffee shows a convincing raw sugar base sweetness, with hazelnut and walnut accent notes that you'd expect given the aromatics. Acidity has a malic quality and accompanied by dried apple and peach tea. medium roasts are bittersweet and the fruited accents hold up the darker roast development. Espresso shots of medium roast have a chocolate-hazelnut flavor that lasts long in the finish, and body has a creamy texture.


This "Perlamayo" lot is comprised of the coffees from several small-holder farmers in the town of Perlamayo within the greater District of Huabal. Altitude range in SF is 1800 to 1900 meters above sea level and cultivars grown are typically Caturra, with some Typica and Bourbon mixed in. Farmers in Perlamayo typically have less than half a hectare of coffee planted, which is much less than what you see in the other towns we've bought coffee from (San Francisco, Alto Pirias, etc). This is a fully washed coffee, wet processed by the farmers who then deliver their coffee in dry parchment (the green bean with the thin parchment layer still intact) to a warehouse in Cajamarca where it is graded and purchased. The group who set up this buying operation are working to register all the farmers they buy from in order to help isolate different quality tiers, but also be able to issue the initial payments and any quality premiums themselves, something that was lacking when they were buying through more traditional avenues. It doesn't help that the roads leading to Huabal and within the district are much more rustic than some of their neighbors, limiting access to farmers in this region.