I wanted to have a page for links to friends sites out there in the big www.

If you are in the NW LA or East TX area I'd like to encourage you to visit and consider supporting the small local farms with links here. They are producing delicious, healthy products and making them available. A real true return to old fashioned values like service and quality. We buy our meats exclusively from these and other local ranchers and farmers. The difference in flavor, texture and the over all eating experience is glaring when comparing these meats with those from the grocer's cooler. 

If you would like to be added please reach out to me HERE



Shady Grove Farms  they raise grass-fed beef and soy-free, pasture-raised chicken, pork, turkey, and eggs. Our friends Matt and Jerica Cadman and crew really have it going on over near Jefferson Texas. They deliver to Shreveport every other week (THANK YOU!). These guys really care and are doing it the right way and we are thankful to have them providing good healthy, local food. 


Smith Family Farms raising delicious beef and lamb. Literally right down the road from us on Hwy 527!  We are so thankful for Laura, Craig and their family members, and for their dedication to a healthy alternative.  All of their meats are delicious but our favorite is the lamb. So clean and fresh tasting. Very nice farm where you can go see where your food comes from.