Colombia Laderas Del Tapias

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Flavor Notes:

Pleasing hints of cotton candy come wafting up from the cup and then finishes with sweetish herbal tones laced with chocolate in the aroma. Once you start to taste and enjoy your first sips you find fermented fruit and honey cake. It has a wonderful mild to medium acidity which gives it the perfect syrupy mouth feel and heavy body. A very nice, smooth and complex cup for anytime of the day.

About the grower:

Elmer Restrepo and family, own Hacienda El Jardin. Mr. Restrepo has been in the business for more than 30 years, he is the founder of Invercafe Ltda. a coffee milling factory located in Chinchiná municipality. His son, Juan Felipe is a certified Barista and his nephew, Juan Alejandro is a master roaster, they along with Elmer are in charge of this integrated coffee production that goes from seed to cup.

The Farm:

Hacienda El Jardin runs from 1.600 up to 1.900 meters above sea level. Currently they grow Caturra and Castillo in fully washed, honey, and natural processes. The farm is 110 hectares, size that makes it a good option to provide coffees for standing orders and to serve big orders in a stable basis.

 The region:

Chinchina is a well known region within the coffee industry. It is the municipality where CENICAFE* (International center of coffee research) and the JUAN VALDEZ BUENDIA* factory are located. The town is just in the middle of the UNESCO* Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia and carries the GUINESS WORLD RECORDS* of the biggest cup of coffee.