Burundi Rwiri Yagikawa

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From the time you open the bag....

I smell the aroma of cashews, toasted nuts, vanilla wafers and a hint of peanut brittle. I have chosen to use the AreoPress method of brewing for this tasting. 

Flavor Notes:

When ground with the AreoPress grind, there's a hint of tobacco, melon and warm chocolate brownie crust (you can almost smell the gooey). 

The wet aroma releases a delicate floral tea aspect, amidst caramelizing sugar pungency. The brewed cup has a refined, if not somewhat more neutral profile, with convincing sweetness, and clean finish. The sweetness reminds me of the "raw" aspects of turbinado, with a slight molasses aroma and flavor. There's a brisk tea element that is mouth-cleansing, and a flavor of black tea with highlights this aspect.  Where this coffee excels is the acidity is crisp and clear. This is excellent using the AreoPress and also as a pour-over brew, with soft fruit flavors moving into a finish that is Earl Grey, tea-like flavor that has sugar added to it for a pleasing and pristine finish.


About the Farm/Farmers:

This coffee is from Yagikawa Farmers Cooperative Society in Kayanza Province, Burundi. Yagikawa operates as most other cooperative collection stations in the region: as a central location where small farmers/coop members can deliver whole cherry for sale, processing, and eventual export outside of the country. The station itself is situated at 1750 meters above sea level, affording access to some of the highest farms in the area. Bourbon is the dominant cultivar in the region (as is the case in most of Burundi), a variety known for syrupy sweetness when grown in high altitudes. This is a fully washed coffee, wet-processed and dried on raised African beds at the station.