Colombia Montes De Tatamo

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The aroma coming from the cup is sweet, baked, berry fruit pie. On that first sip there is the berry forward flavor that reminds one of fermented fruit jam with a caramelized brown sugar topping. The mild acidity is like Thompson seedless grapes. The overall mouthfeel is slippery, syrupy and super smooth. If you love berries you'll love this amazing coffee! What a wonderful experience!

About the grower:

Ricardo Castilla is the owner and manager of the farm. He employs 20 people all year round. Ricardo has become a leader in the region and helps his neighbors by finding them ways to sell their coffee at better prices, training them about quality and how to put in place sustainable growing practices.

The Farm:
The farm is located at an average altitude of 1.900 masl. They produce Castillo, Caturra, Pacamara, Sudame, and Tabi.  All coffee is sun dried in patios, they offer washed, semi-washed, honey, and natural process.
The farm was recognized in 2014 as the best coffee farm in Risaralda, the prize was awarded by the FNC (National Federation of Coffee Growers).

Montes Finca

The region:
The farm is part of the ecological protected area of the National Tatama park, next to the Colombian Pacific region. The region is crossed by many pristine rivers that contribute to the quality of the coffee grown there.